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I’ve waited a long time for the new Hawaii Five-O to come on. My favorite actor, Alex O’Loughlin, is the main character. He is also my favorite vampire (Moonlight), even though I could possibly be criticized for that since he’s a “good vampire”. LOL. But if you don’t believe in his sexiness, check out the YouTube video below.

Alex O’Loughlin

Anyway, I was watching it last night and suddenly realized that James Marsters was the bad guy! Yes, it was Spike! So it was so cool to me to see these two guys battling it out in the end, knowing they both used to play vampires. I just wish the fight scene had been better and much longer!

Okay, so it doesn’t take much to amuse me. I just thought it was cool. The only bad thing is that James Marsters isn’t really sexy when he’s not Spike. 😦 But Alex…he’s been sexy in everything I’ve seen him in. LOL


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