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Saturday is going to be MY time. If someone wants me to do something, this time I’m just going to say no. I’ve had various things I’ve had to do on Saturdays, and I promise, I really didn’t mind. Most of them were fun things, things I could do to help someone else. But this Saturday is mine. I have to:

1. Write a decent amount for my NaNo novel so I won’t get any farther behind. In fact, I hope I’ll catch up by Saturday.

2. Finish Guardian Vampire, a novella that only lacked a chapter or two being finished before NaNo started.

3. Do a lot of editing on Jonathan Eli’s novel since he wants to get it out by Christmas.

4. Then maybe do some editing on Guardian Vampire, which also needs to be done by Christmas.

If I get those four things done, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. And maybe I’ll reward myself by playing a computer game or watching Buffy. Or maybe taking a nap if I’ve gotten up early that morning. Saturday is mine!


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