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Good Sunday morning everyone!

1. Writing has gone well this week. I don’t know why I end up not writing on Fridays. Wednesday and Sunday are supposed to be my days off from writing, but with the word counts going so well on the four days I am writing, I’m not upset about Fridays. If my husband has rented a movie and wants to watch it, them I’m going to watch it with him. Anyway, here’s the breakdown. Mon-939, Tues-1205, Thurs-1936, Sat-2175.

2. Exercise is going pretty well. I walked at lunch three days this week. I want to bump that up a lot, but rain, and before that, hot weather, has been hindering me. I need to get on the treadmill when I can’t walk outside, but I just seem to forget that when I get home. *shrugs*

3. Eating habits are getting a little better every day. This one is going to take time to get right.

4. The proofing of Vampires’ Curse for print didn’t get done last week liked I had planned, but I hope to get that finished this week.

How’s everyone else?


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