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My Round Three goals were:

1. Start and finish the second Libby Fox novella by writing at least 500 words per day.
2. Finish a short story to offer on Smashwords for free.
3. Proofread (again), format, and publish Haunted Lake in print.


1. I finished Secrets of the Wolf early by writing much more than 500 words per day. And published it.
2. Massive fail. I LOOKED at the story. But I realized I can’t write two stories at the same time.
3. I published Haunted Lake with CreateSpace in August.

I was mostly pleased with what I accomplished this round. The only thing I regret is how lazy I’ve been since finishing these projects. I know that there was no reason I HAD to do anything else until Round 4. but I should have been doing SOMETHING. Anyway, I can’t wait until Round 4 where I’ll be working on the third and final novella in the Libby Fox series. After that, I think I’m done with series! LOL


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