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There’s really nothing to report today. After the awful travel experience I had Sun-Wed, I didn’t want to do anything but sleep. I wanted to write on Saturday, but my husband wanted to go on the lake on my son’s father-in-law’s boat. We got to spend time with my son, his wife, and his wife’s father. I tried to ski, but the rope handle broke and hurt my hand. 😦

I really hope I get some writing done next week. The week after that is the RNConvention, and there is going to be so much to do that I won’t have time to write. But, at least most of the time will be spent in classes that should help me as a writer. There’s a costume ball, movie night, bingo (with novel covers as the squares), and a welcome party on the first night. I’m not much of a party animal, so if things get wild, I’m going to my room. I’m there to learn AND to have fun, but some people have a wilder idea of fun than me. LOL. I HOPE I sell all my books at the book fair so I won’t have to have them shipped home.

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Most of you know what kind of ordeal I’ve been through this week with all the airport stuff. I hadn’t even thought about how I was eating, and I certainly didn’t get any exercise in. But as I got on the scale at home, I had a pleasant surprise. Here are the stats. 🙂

Stats for this week:
Beginning weight: 193
Today’s weight: 167.5
This week’s loss: 1.5 lbs.
Total loss: 25.5 lbs.

On an unrelated note…my dress for the costume ball at RNConvention in Las Vegas is almost finished. I’m supposed to go by this evening and see how everything fits and get the hems figured out. I have no idea what kind of shoes I’m going to wear, so I hope the hem will be okay. For a little teaser, this is the material for the main part of the dress.


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I’ve never been to a costume ball before. But it’s going to be a lot of fun seeing what everyone comes up with to wear. Jimmy Thomas is getting professionals to decorate for it, so it’s going to look awesome. Only the best for our Jimmy. 🙂

Anyway, my friend’s mother and I went to look for material for my dress last night. We looked and looked, and I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to find what I really wanted and would have to settle. Not so! There it was. The perfect material. I’m so excited that we found it. And I’m so happy that I actually know someone who can make a dress like this for me. We never could find the lace we needed to match, but I’m going to look at some different places. I just hope we don’t get down to the wire on this. The ball is only 3 weeks away! But I have confidence that my dressmaker is going to get it done and it will be perfect. I will NOT stress over this. 🙂

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My books are shipping out today for the book fair at the RNConvention in Las Vegas. I’m a little freaked out because I realized I didn’t have enough copies. So I ordered more from CreateSpace. I hope they get here in time for me to ship those out, too, before the deadline. I also shipped out a raffle basket for the convention. 😦 I will be really embarrassed if no one puts their raffle tickets in for my basket. Here is a picture of what I sent. I decided to get a mini trunk rather than an actual basket.


And here it is closed.


My trunk has five of my print books, a $25 Amazon gift card, and a necklace and earring set like the one in my book Soul of a Vampire. So, if you were at a convention and saw this, would you put one of your raffle tickets in for this prize? There are raffle tickets in everyone’s convention bag, so everyone will have several tickets that they don’t have to buy. I hope I picked items people would want.

I’m having my costume made for the costume ball, so I hope that turns out well. I’m going with my late best friend’s mother (who is making the dress) tonight to get material and whatever else we need. I wanted something a little more elaborate, but then I would have had to bring an extra suitcase. LOL.

Now, what to wear for the party on the first night and for the RONE awards. Sigh.

One of the things I’m most nervous about is…what if I don’t sell my books? What if I sit there at the book fair, and no one buys them? 1) I will have to pay to have them shipped home. I’ve already had to pay to ship them there. 2) I will have spent a lot of money that I can’t afford on buying my books. If I don’t sell all of them, I might have to have a big sale on my website when I get back. LOL

What happens this year will determine if I go back next year. If it is profitable (book sales, new readers, learning a lot in the classes), I will. But if not, I’m not paying that much to go next year. I know it’s an investment and you have to spend money to make money. I have to be practical, though. I think I’ll be able to tell if it’s worth it or not. We shall see.

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I am absolutely on cloud nine. Because of this.


One of the cover models I use on my books is putting this event together. His name is Jimmy Thomas, and he’s not just a pretty face, um, or body. He’s a savvy businessman who launched the website romancenovelcenter.com. It’s a place where authors, cover artists, editors, readers, etc. can get together. It’s a great networking site.

The convention includes classes, seminars, parties, a costume ball, meet and greets, and so much more. There are so many things to do, I can’t list them all here. And the price is all inclusive! I think it’s a reasonable price for the hotel rooms, the classes, the food…awesome. Anyway, you might want to check it out. Just click on the link above and you’ll have the info you need. There are some things they haven’t gotten completely worked out yet, like the full schedule, but it’s almost a year away. I can’t wait!

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