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My first step toward getting my office more writing-friendly was to get a new chair. I thought about just sticking to the one I had and trying to find a fluffier cushion to put in the seat (not only was the seat uncomfortable, but the hydrolics weren’t working, so it was too short), but I went to Staples and found one that felt SO good to sit in. I had to have it. And just to prove there are still helpful people in this world…. My chair was in a box which the salesman had put in a buggy, and he asked me if I needed help getting it to my car. Since he already looked like he was about to have a heart attack from carrying it, I declined. When I tried to get it into the back of my car (I have an HHR, so it was like an SUV hatch), I realized the box was in the buggy in an awkward position, and I couldn’t just slide it into the car. And it was heavy. Suddenly, this lady (and she wasn’t that young) jumps out of her car, throws her purse into my buggy, and grabs the other side of the box. Between the two of us, we easily got the box into my car. I was overwhelmed by her kindness. Things like this make my heart feel good. 🙂

So now I have a comfortable place to write. It took me almost all evening to get the chair put together last night, but now it’s done, and all I have to do is sit my butt in it and write.


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