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I didn’t get as much done this round as I would have liked. I did have a few proofreading jobs, and I did meet those deadlines. It’s funny how I can meet deadlines for other people but not my own. I guess it’s this sense of responsibility I have toward others. Also, since the proofreading brings in more income than the writing, I have to focus on that first.

I do have about 18K words written on my mystery. But since I have a project going on with a fellow author (under a different pen name), I’m going to put the mystery aside and focus on the new project. I’m probably going to publish the mystery under the new pen name, too, just so that pen name will have a couple of different books. The problem with that is the Lauralynn pen name will go longer between published books. If I can get to the point where I can work on multiple projects, then that might not be a problem. I’m learning to work better. Since I figured out my productivity problems mostly had to do with not wanting to be in my office alone while my husband is in the living room, I’m trying to deal with that. Having a day job that takes up over 9 hours in my day is the biggest problem. But that’s a necessary evil.

I didn’t really mean to ramble on so much in this end of round post. I’m excited about the next round because I’ll be working on the new project during that time, so I should have some favorable updates. Since I’m working with another author, I have that sense of responsibility again. 🙂

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