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As if we haven’t been through enough. After my husband recovered enough to go back to work, he was assigned to a new position at his work. It was a $3 an hour pay raise working on the only machine like it in the country. He has been doing fine on the job, but his supervisor, as well as the next boss up the command chain, told him today that he wasn’t cutting it at the job. This is not true. Their shift is producing better than any other. The supervisor has had it in for him for awhile, and the other boss is a real jerk (all the people in the plant feel this way). The boss wanted my husband to use his vacation days for while he was out of work instead of actually taking vacation. But he was on sick leave. He NEEDED a vacation. Now the boss is getting back at him. So he got bumped down to the job that people just starting in the company get hired to do. But here’s the worst part of all. They put him on second shift. He’s always worked thirds (except for a short stint on day shift). When he’s on thirds, I get home from work, he is either up or will be up soon, and we spend the evening together until he goes to work about 10. Now that he’s on seconds, he will be gone before I get home from work, and he will come in after I’ve already gone to bed. I won’t see him much at all except on weekends. This is a big deal for me. We’re going to have to tighten our budget even more (it’s already squeezed to the limit), but that’s a minor thing compared to the horrible work hours.

There’s no chance of him getting back on the other job because the two bosses are determined to make his life miserable. Now he’s going to have to be careful or he could actually lose his job. But, there is a chance that at some point he MIGHT get back on third shift. Please send good thoughts and/or prayers that he will soon be back on third shift. I can’t stand the thought of being away from him that much. And he will miss church every Wednesday night as long as he’s on second shift. They KNEW he hated second shift, and that’s why they put him there. The only bright side to this whole thing is that the second shift supervisor on this particular job really likes him and has wanted him on his shift anyway. At least work will be easier for him there. The bad thing is that he’s considered a “utility” person now, so they can move him around anywhere and on any shift at any time. As a Christian, I’ve always tried to keep my faith strong and believe things work out like they are supposed to. This is really hard for me right now. I feel like we’re being kicked just as we’re getting up from the floor. I’m trying to stay strong. I’m trying not to cry. I know life isn’t all rosy all the time. I KNOW there are people who are struggling with much bigger and more serious issues. I feel selfish even feeling this way. But I can’t help it. I’ll miss my sweetie while he’s on second shift. 😦


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