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I’ll try to be brief. I’m playing catch up at work, and sales tax reports are due. We have to do them for five different states.

Anyway, hubby got to come home yesterday. They sent a prescription for Coumadin. I don’t know why they didn’t send one for pain killers. He’s been on one of the strongest pain killers, Dilaudid. Now he has nothing, not even hydrocodone. But he’s managing pretty good. He has to have his blood tested every three days at his regular doctor’s office. I guess that means paying a co-pay every three days for who knows how long. I wonder if they would give us a frequent buyer discount??? But I need to stop complaining about any of that. He’s home, and he’s better. We are truly blessed. The doctor said he had been a VERY sick man.

One day, in the hospital, hubby said, “I miss my puppy.” When he got home, they were both glad to see each other. Just in 10 days, Duke had grown so much. My son and his fiancee fixed him a run so that he wouldn’t get tangled up so much. (He did have a stake in the ground with a really long cable that kept getting tangled.) So Duke is glad we’re home. Our other dog and both cats are REALLY glad I’m home. And, oh how nice it is to sleep in my own bed. I’m at work right now, but I’m going home for lunch to check on hubby. His phone is by his side so he can call my mom or my son if he needs them. They are about a minute’s drive away. This will be a long, long process of healing. There’s a union where my husband works, so there’s probably no chance he’ll lose his job (I think that’s illegal anyway). I hope he can return to work in a couple of months, but it might be longer.

Sorry, I did say I would be brief. Oops.


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