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I was invited to participate in an anthology for Halloween, and the proceeds all go to benefit UNICEF. The anthology is only $1.00, and most people would give that much to charity without receiving anything in return. However, in this case, you get stories and excerpts from 13 different authors. My short story, The Third Wish, is the first story in the anthology. Joy Kamen worked very hard to put this together. So if you’re interested, go to the “Joy Kamen” link in the previous sentence (or click on the book cover to the right) and download your copy for a dollar. This is a pdf file, which will disappear after today, just like the ghosts and goblins that visit on Halloween. Today is your last chance! 🙂

Happy Halloween!


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My goal for each week is 3,000 words. Last week, I only made it to 1,663 words. That was kind of discouraging, especially since I had written well over 4,000 the week before and thought I was on a roll. Anyway, I didn’t quite make my goal this week, but I did write 2,789. That’s pretty close, so I’ll take it. My story is ending up with some more twists I wasn’t expecting. That’s always fun. Even when I have an outline, new ideas keep popping up, so I just change the outline. So I’m still plotting. Just sometimes after the fact. 🙂

Also, I want to mention that I took part in a Halloween anthology, contributing a short story called “The Third Wish”. The anthology is only $1.00, and the proceeds (minus PayPal fees) all go to UNICEF. This anthology was the brain child of Joy Kamen. She remembered that as a child, she Trick or Treated for UNICEF. She thought this would be a good way for adults to do the same. Joy worked really hard on this project. So if you’re interested in downloading the pdf file for $1.00, just click the pretty cover over to the right, which goes to the download page on Joy’s site. Thanks!

So, how did the rest of you do this week?

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