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Finally! My plateau seems to be over, at least for now. I’ve been struggling with the same 2-3 lbs., going up and down, up and down, until I thought my head was going to explode. It would have been easy to just quit, believing that my workouts weren’t doing any good, my change in habits not helping. But I kept on even when I was feeling a little discouraged. Because you know what? Things would have been a whole lot worse if I went back to my old habits. And the perseverance has paid off. I was happy when I got back down to my lowest weight. So I was even happier when I saw, this morning, that I had lost even more. So this is a lesson to all of us. Don’t give up. Don’t think a plateau means you’ve stopped losing weight. Maybe it’s just your body resting for a bit. If you do hit a plateau, you can sometimes get past it by eating things a little differently. For instance, you can cut down on carbs and eat more protein. Or you can do exactly the opposite, cut down on protein and eat more carbs. Change which veggies and fruits you eat. Drink more water. Just do something DIFFERENT. This has always helped the Weight Watchers members I taught when I worked there. But the most important thing is to not get discouraged. If you continue to expend more calories than you take it (unless you’re eating too LITTLE and your body thinks you’re starving it), you’ll eventually lose the weight.

I also want to invite all of you to comment here about your own weight loss/healthy living struggles. I do want to encourage anyone who needs it. Sometimes just putting it out there and sharing with others helps. So every Friday, when I post Fitness Friday, feel free to share your own stories in the comments. Let’s do this thing together, okay?

I haven’t been sharing stats since my weight has been all over the place and wouldn’t settle down. But I’m back to sharing now. So here it is.

Stats for this week:
Beginning weight: 193
Today’s weight: 169
This week’s loss: 2.5 lbs.
Total loss: 24 lbs.

P.S. Update on my dogs. My old dog, Chipper came back yesterday, and he’s still home. However, Duke did not come back. We looked again at his broken harness, and both hubby and I determined that it HAD been cut. So someone must had tried to steal him that night and just couldn’t get hold of him, and it might be those same people that have him now, although there’s no way to know. We’ve canvassed the neighborhood, and no one will claim to have seen him. 😦


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I’ve got my motivation back. I wrote 1410 words on Thursday. Since I skipped Friday and Saturday (Saturday I had stuff going on all day, and I don’t know what the heck happened Friday), I wrote today. Sunday is ALWAYS one of my writing days off. But I had to make up for the other two days. Before I knew it, I had churned out 2276 words! I had expected to write about 1000, so that was great.

I’m going to try to be more conscientious about what I’m eating this week. I’ve been stuck on this plateau for several weeks, so I need to do something to kickstart weight loss again. Sometimes, it just takes changing up the TYPES of food you eat rather than changing the amount of calories you eat. We’ll see what happens. And I need to drink more water!

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I haven’t been feeling that great lately. I know that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been writing as much. The day we left Florida to come back home, I developed a cough which was much like the one I had back in March when I had bronchitis, so I thought I would go to the doctor and nip it in the bud so I wouldn’t get as sick as I was then. When they took my blood pressure, I was a little nervous because my blood pressure runs high when I’m not exercising regularly. To my horror, the bottom number was 98! The nurse practitioner (I went to a walk in close to my work) told me I should follow up with my regular doctor about possible blood pressure meds. I told her if I would just start exercising again, I could bring it back down. She said maybe I should be on meds at least for a couple of months until I had been exercising awhile.

This has been a wake up call for me. I talked to a guy here at work that’s on blood pressure meds (sometimes his BP is as high as mine was even ON meds), and he said that’s probably why I’ve been feeling bad. He said that’s a symptom. Why, oh, why did I let myself stop exercising? I knew exercise was good for me. I KNEW my BP could go up if I didn’t exercise. I feel like such a fool for letting this get out of hand. Today, I’m going to exercise even if I have to do it at midnight. I’ll exercise at least 5 days a week. I’m not going to be TOO BUSY anymore. This is going to have to come first!

Another thing. This is something I’ve learned about eating and losing weight. The reason I can’t stick to a diet is because it’s a DIET. When I try to count calories, leave certain foods off, deprive myself of something I’m craving…that’s when everything falls apart. No more diets for me. No more foods off limits. The thing that works the best for me is cutting down (not cutting out) on foods that aren’t that good for me. Stopping when I’m satisfied instead of feeling like I have to eat everything on my plate. Cooking more so I can have yummy leftovers for lunch instead of going out to eat every day. (That saves money, too!) In other words…just good common sense and good habits. Hey, I just bought a boatload of Pampered Chef items, so I should be good to go when it comes to cooking.

Okay, so on my Sunday ROW80 check ins, I’m going to include health related items, even weight loss. I’ve already lost 8 lbs. and gained 2 back while in Florida. So I’m going to include my current loss in my total. Because, you know, it counts, too.

So who will join me? Who wants to be healthier and is willing to report that along with writing stats? I know some of you are already doing this, but not many. We, as writers, sit on our butts a lot. I do this at my day job, too. We need to get up and get moving. If our bodies are healthy, our minds work better. Are you ready? I am!

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