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I want to start out by saying I feel guilty for flying first class. Hubby and I have had financial difficulties this year, but now he’s back to work. And my proofreading business is taking off pretty good. I’ve had some rough times lately, and I felt like I needed a little pampering. Here’s what happened. I went to the Delta website to book my flight, which would be paid for by my company. There was an optional upgrade to first class for a VERY LOW FEE. So, really, all I had to pay for was the upgrade. If I had been paying for the flight, I wouldn’t have done it. I just PayPal’d the money to my company for the upgrade.

So here I was in the airport, squeeing because I was able to get on the plane first. Then, when I got on, all the first class passengers turned to the left to get into that cabin. Immediately, we were asked what we would like to drink. And they handed out snacks that were a cut above the main cabin snacks (they didn’t serve a meal because the flight was less than two hours). The best part was I didn’t have to share an arm rest or leg space with the passenger beside me. I could even cross my legs! On the flight from Chattanooga to Atlanta, there was no first class since it was a small plane, and the guy beside me REEKED of cigarette smoke, and he had his legs all splayed out, and they were in MY space. I was so glad to get on that plane in first class in Atlanta! Why do men feel they have to spread their legs so wide? His legs weren’t so long that he couldn’t keep them together. Anyway, first class is the way to fly if you can afford it. Alas, I’ll probably never be able to do that again. But just this one time…I had my guilty pleasure.


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