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In all the times I’ve flown, I’ve never had the awful experiences I’ve had this time. I’m already going to miss the first day of the conference. This is a work trip. I could have honestly DRIVEN to Burlington, Vermont in the time it’s taken me on this trip. First, my flight from Chattanooga to Atlanta yesterday was delayed multiple times. Finally, it was delayed to the point I would miss my connection in Atlanta. They rescheduled for the next morning…Chattanooga to Atlanta to New York to Burlington. Then I got a call that the flight from Chattanooga had been delayed again after I had already gotten up at 3:30 am. Then, somehow, the part of my itenirary from Chattanooga to Atlanta got cancelled. I had to call and fix that. Then, after I got to Atlanta, I found my flight to NY had been delayed an hour…which would make me miss the flight to Burlington. So then they changed my flight to go to Detroit instead of NY, which was fine with me…except for two things. 1) I have to stay in this airport 3 extra hours and 2) this flight has also been delayed. If it’s delayed any more, I will NOT make my flight to Burlington. And I have a feeling that’s the last flight to Burlington. WHO has a conference in a place where there aren’t that many flights coming in? Why couldn’t they have left it in Chicago? I would have driven. I have no idea what I’ll do if I miss that flight. I don’t want to be stuck in Detroit. *sobs*

Honestly, I’m about ready to find a flight back home. If my boss hadn’t already paid for the conference and the hotel, I just might. I honestly don’t know what to do but pray the flight from Atlanta isn’t delayed.


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