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Hubby and I are at the movie theater waiting for Battleship to start. Out of the blue he said, “If I give you an outline for a story, do you think you could write it?” After picking myself up from the floor, I tried to stay calm and I said, “Tell me some of your ideas.” Oh my stars, they were GOOD ideas! He had this whole story line in his head. A GOOD story. I asked him to write out the outline, and he said he would, but he wasn’t in a hurry since I was working on something else right now. I told him to please write it down because I didn’t want him to forget anything. If this thing comes to fruition, I’m totally going to list the book as co-written by me and my sweetie. But I told him since I used a pen name, he would have to use the same last name if he wanted people to know he was my husband. LOL. I am so excited about this. I hope it works out. After the good ideas he gave me for The Gnome, I shouldn’t have been so surprised by all of this, but it totally floored me.


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