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Well, I only wrote two days this week (my goal is five days), but that’s better than not writing at all. Which is what I had been doing…or NOT doing. Tues-999, Sat-774.

I’m not sure I like the setting in my WIP, so I might change it. This is supposed to be a fairly spooky ghost story. Right now, I have it set in a little town on the beach in the pan handle of Florida. I love that beach, but it’s really not eerie enough. I feel like there should be waves crashing against the rocks, like in Maine or somewhere. Somewhere gloomier. I was trying to do something a little different, but I don’t know if it’s going to work.

What do you all think? Can there be a spooky story on the beaches of Florida. Or is it just too sunny and laid back for that?


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