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How can I pick a favorite Christmas memory? Through the years, there have been so many things that I could add to my favorites list. So here are a couple.

Christmas at my Grandma’s

My mom and dad divorced when I was very small, but I always maintained a great relationship with my paternal grandparents. I remember they used to have this silver Christmas tree, and there was a color wheel that shone on the tree and it would make the tree change colors. I always thought that was so cool. My aunt would always make a cheese ball and serve it with Sociable crackers. Then there was the dinner. My grandma could really cook! My grandparents are gone now, but I’ll never lose those memories.

Christmas Party with Friends

One of my friends and I always take turns hosting this Christmas party. There are always four couples and their kids that get together, and in the past few years, we’ve added my mom and and a friend’s mom. Sometimes a few other people show up. There was always some kind of gag going on. One year, a friend froze some slugs and when Christmas came around, she took then out of the freezer and put them in Jello to bring to my house and gross everyone out. Little did she know that freezing the slugs wouldn’t kill them…and they started crawling out of the Jello! This year will be sad because my best friend died back in May. There’s a part of my warped brain that wants to make a huge blow up picture of her and sit it in a chair so she can be there with us. 🙂


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