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I’ve been tossing something around in my head for a long time. This is sort of a Christian post, so fair warning. I noticed the last time I posted something of a religious nature, I got only a couple of comments. We’ll see what happens this time.

Anyway, I truly believe we are supposed to use the talents God gave us. Some people are better at some things, and other people at other things. We are all so unique, but we all have SOMETHING we can do. Our preacher did a sermon on this very thing on Sunday, and it touched me because I had been thinking along the same lines. I’ve been thinking about writing a book that could be used as a book in a ladies’ Bible class or maybe just to read. The first one I’ve thought about writing is called “Nurturing a Christian Marriage”. Honestly, it makes me sad to see how many marriages don’t last anymore. If I could just make one person think about the permanence of “I do”, it would be worth it to me.

Now is the question of…would I charge for this book? The answer is yes. Churches expect to pay for class materials, and I want to write for a living someday. This might be another direction to go in for income. However, I would like to keep the cost low. This won’t be a long book.

I’ve worked on this some tonight, mostly figuring out my chapters and some Bible verses pertaining to each one.

So that’s my news. Oh, and I won’t be writing it under this pen name.


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