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I’m still here in Scottsdale, AZ at the BtD and AD conference. A little bit about it…Buildin’ the Dream is for authors and Arizona Dreamin’ is geared toward readers, although many authors and readers attended both.

We kicked off Thursday evening hearing Diana Gabaldon speak. I read her book, Outlander, YEARS ago. She’s lovely and funny, and I enjoyed the presentation so much!

Today, we had classes, and they were so helpful. Rose Gordon did a class on marketing, talking about how this is a business and your book is your product. She also did a class on mistakes made by historical authors. This was such a fun class.

Deena Remiel did a class on “crafting the dark moment”. It just so happens the scene I’m currently writing is the dark moment for the shero, and Deena made me realize I could make it even darker. Bwa ha ha.

Virginia Nelson did a class on sprinting. Although my inner editor balks against this, I think I know a way I can do this. We did a 10 minute and a 15 minute sprint in the class, and I got quite a few words in. If I had been on my laptop instead of my iPad, I would have gotten more.

And of course, I sat in on Anya Kelleye’s class on book covers and working with your cover artist. She did a great job.

Tonight kicked off the Arizona Dreamin’ part of the conference. We had a little reception with auctions and entertainment. And pictures could be made with the Men of Our Dreams contestants, as well as last year’s winner. Tomorrow there will be “book clubs” with featured authors and dinner with authors. And some other stuff.

Somehow, Anya and I will have to find time to get together to do the photo shoot with the cover model for my current WIP. He’s really nice, and he looks great. I’m really excited about this cover because it’s the first time I’ll have exclusive pictures for a cover.

RNC last year was my very first writer’s conference. This one is my second. The two are very, very different….


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I’ve been tossing something around in my head for a long time. This is sort of a Christian post, so fair warning. I noticed the last time I posted something of a religious nature, I got only a couple of comments. We’ll see what happens this time.

Anyway, I truly believe we are supposed to use the talents God gave us. Some people are better at some things, and other people at other things. We are all so unique, but we all have SOMETHING we can do. Our preacher did a sermon on this very thing on Sunday, and it touched me because I had been thinking along the same lines. I’ve been thinking about writing a book that could be used as a book in a ladies’ Bible class or maybe just to read. The first one I’ve thought about writing is called “Nurturing a Christian Marriage”. Honestly, it makes me sad to see how many marriages don’t last anymore. If I could just make one person think about the permanence of “I do”, it would be worth it to me.

Now is the question of…would I charge for this book? The answer is yes. Churches expect to pay for class materials, and I want to write for a living someday. This might be another direction to go in for income. However, I would like to keep the cost low. This won’t be a long book.

I’ve worked on this some tonight, mostly figuring out my chapters and some Bible verses pertaining to each one.

So that’s my news. Oh, and I won’t be writing it under this pen name.

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I wrote 249 words this past week. Bah! I normally work on Fire Wizard on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Thursday, I decided hubby and I needed a date night. It had just been too long since the two of us had gone out together. So we went to Macaroni Grill and then to the Earth Fare store (kind of like Whole Food, I think). By the time I got home, I was too tired to write. It was kind of late. And Friday…well, that’s when I wrote the 249 words, playing with my Dragon Naturally Speaking software. More on that in a moment. Saturday, I found too many other things to do. Some productive, like cutting out a skirt pattern, and others not so much, like playing a Big Fish game and going to the matinee to see The Amazing Spiderman. Bad me.

Now, about Dragon. Honestly, I was afraid it wouldn’t be able to recognize my southern accent. But I read a speech by JFK to let it understand my speech patterns. I think this software is amazing. I would haven written more with it, but I was still learning. I could go faster saying a sentence because I can talk faster than I can type. But I have to get used to saying “period”, “comma”, “open quote”, “close quote”, etc. I was doing pretty well at the end, but I found I didn’t know where my story was going, so I knew I had to think about it some more. Anyway, the Dragon software was worth it as a business expense. It will be especially good when my hands are hurting or when my back is bothering me. When I get used to it, I think it will feel more natural than it does right now. It’s regularly $99.99, but I clicked on a FB sponsored link which took me to the Nuance website, where it was advertised as $59.99. When I put it in my cart, it was $49.99! And it comes with a microphone.

I’m thinking about doing some writing today since I slacked off last week. I never write on Sundays, but I might have to make an exception.

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I got a whopping 5,348 words written on Fire Wizard this past week. That feels awesome!

I’ve been trying to loosely plot the cozy mystery I’m thinking of doing under a different pen name. I’ll have to say, those people who write these on a regular basis have acquired genius status in my eyes. To have to figure out “whodunit” and why. And then all the investigative stuff. It makes me want to pull my hair out. I don’t know if I can do this or not, but I’m giving it a whirl. It’s good for writers to step outside their comfort zone. If it works, great. If I can’t live with the frustration…at least I can say I took the leap.

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