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I’ve been so busy, I don’t know when I’m going to get all the edits done for Hearts of Evil. Especially since one of my betas suggested a whole new scene, which does make sense when I read it. The book would be okay without it, but I want it to be more than okay. My two main beta readers are both so great. Sometimes they disagree on something, and then I have to decide which way to go. But their input is so valuable to me! I don’t usually mention their names in case they don’t want people to know they beta read for me, but if they tell me it’s okay, I will start mentioning them. Because they deserve a lot of credit!

Also, I’m trying to figure out what all to do at my book release party on FB (whenever that happens). If any of you have any unique suggestions on questions, games, prizes, etc., let me know. I’ve already some input, but I need more. 🙂

Anyway, I’m just rambling on and not getting to the point. What was the point? Oh, yeah. Cover reveal. So without further ado (or with ado, who knows?), here is the cover for my upcoming release, Hearts of Evil. Thank you, Anya Kelleye.

Hearts of Evil (eBook)


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