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There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It’s a matter of personal choice. I used to get frustrated when my author friends didn’t read my books. But now I get it. There have been times when I told my author friends that I just started their book or was about to start it. And that has often been a mistake. Here’s the thing…all books don’t appeal to all people. That’s just a fact of life. The book I’m listening to on audio right now got some one-star reviews that just mystified me. The book is full of awesome. But some people (28 out of 851) didn’t think so. And the reasons were sometimes the reasons I loved the book. It’s a matter of taste.

When it comes to friends’ books, you feel obligated to like the book. You WANT to like the book. And when you don’t, and that friend knows you’ve read it, it puts you in a really difficult position. You might not like the writing style, even though a lot of other people do. The story might be boring to you. It might not be in your preferred genre. So is it better to just not read it? That can also hurt a friend’s feelings. What do you do? I’m just not sure.

I’ve read lots of books that others go on and on about. And I wonder why they liked them. Think of it this way…if everyone liked exactly the same books, then there wouldn’t be readers for the other books. Of course, it would be great if everyone liked EVERY book. No, wait, then there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day to read everything. As if there is now. So you have to decide whether or not to read friends’ books. And when you think your friend ought to read your book, don’t be offended if they don’t. Maybe they are afraid to read it, in case they don’t like it. Maybe it’s just not their style. I’ve learned to not be hurt by it. I have books that have a few bad reviews that other people email me and say they just loved. My books have everything from 1 to 5 stars. So I know my books are appealing to some people and not to others. Let’s just realize that this is a world with multiple products, and we have enough to appeal to all people. Isn’t that great?


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