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I want to talk about one of my pet peeves. Typographical errors. I’ve read a lot of indie books lately, and that’s been one of my biggest problems with them. Do my books have them? Yep. My mother was reading one of my books the other day and caught two. She’s the best “typo catcher” I know. I have no idea why I haven’t used her as one of my proofreaders. That book that she caught the errors in had already had three different sets of eyes on it and still had at least two errors. I can live with two without freaking out, but I need to fix them and reload the books. (The beauty of ebooks!)

When I read a book published the indie way or the trad way, I expect to see errors. Today’s books have them, regardless of how they’re published. I don’t know if paid editors are getting sloppier or if this world is getting so rushed that everything sufferers. But I don’t mind if I see three or four errors in a book. Not a big deal. But I just finished a book last week that really disappointed me in the amount of typos I found. This book was long and I lost count of the typos. I would guess 50 or more. Seriously. I have only read one other book that had that many. I’m not going to mention the name of the book or author, because…well, you understand why. I wouldn’t want to embarrass an author that I like so well. This book was absolutely wonderful. Well written, interesting, great action, great interaction of the character. It was imaginative and well thought out. An outstanding novel. But the typos….wow….

Whether you pay someone to proofread or have people that will do it for free, I would suggest having more than one person look at it. I saw a review on a book by a really well known indie author that said that the book was full of typos (this is true because I read it and saw them, too), and the author’s response was that she paid an editor. So even paid editors aren’t perfect, although whoever it was shouldn’t have let THAT many errors go through. That’s why more than one person should look at it.

I really, really want to tell this author about all the typos. But I’m sure he already knows it by now. And I don’t want to alienate anyone, especially someone I seriously like and whose books I love. Sometimes, I guess it’s just best to keep your mouth shut.


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