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Zoe Winters is giving away a Kindle. Yes, you heard right, a Kindle! And maybe even two. For more details, check out her blog:


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C J is adopting a daughter from China, but the cost has risen, so we are asking you to skip your Starbucks coffee or other small indulgence and make a donation. Here is the link to C J’s blog to learn more about this.


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I love paranormal romance. I write paranormal romance. But I’ll never write about a zombie. Zombies absolutely creep me out, and I don’t even want to think about them. I was recently at a show where there were a lot of vendor booths and there was this stone (or ceramic, I don’t know) zombie that looked like it was coming out of the ground. Ew.

Ok, I’m going to get a little gross here, so you may not want to read on. Can you imagine writing a paranormal romance about a zombie? Just think about it. The female main character is kissing a male zombie. His tongue is in her mouth. He steps away…and his tongue is still in her mouth. Or she’s kissing him on the neck…and she has to spit stuff out. Hey, I told you it was gross! I warned you! I usually don’t say stuff like this, but my mind sometimes goes places it really shouldn’t go.

Now back to my real, normal world where I’m the nice, mild mannered author most people think I am.

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Jonathan Eli

Check out the debut novel, The Last Cabbandeum, from new Science Fiction author, Jonathan Eli. You can find it at:




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There’s a great new site for indie authors in the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genres, http://indieurbanfantasy.com. Zoe Winters is being interviewed there today, so check it out!

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June was a great month for sales for a lot of people. I thought July was going to be a dud, but it turned out better than I thought. But not necessarily for my biggest seller. I finished up at a total of 35 fewer books sold in July than in June. But the percentage of copies sold of each book was completely different. Here’s how it worked out on percentages of total sales.

June: A Rocky Path 1%, Club Blood 88%, See Me 10%, Starfane 2% (comes to 101% because of rounding)

July: A Rocky Path 4%, Club Blood 69%, See Me 20%, Starfane 7% (100%)

I don’t know why the sales of the other books went up and Club Blood went down. (Probably because I lowered the price on A Rocky Path and Starfane, even though they are longer.) But honestly, I would rather it be that way than have my sales depend on one book. Starfane is fairly new, so it hasn’t had as much exposure. Hopefully, sales on that one will get better since it’s my favorite. It may not be my best one, I just don’t know, but it’s my favorite.

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