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I now have one novel and two novellas in the Amazon Kindle store. I’m pretty pleased with the sales of one of them and disappointed with the sales of the other. I think it just proves that vampires are still a hot item right now, and ghosts are…well…not. I don’t regret choosing e-publishing for my books. I think e-books will eventually outsell print books as proven by the Christmas sales at amazon.com. But since it’s so easy for just anyone to self-publish this way, it’s up to the reader to choose what’s good and what’s crap. And they are perfectly capable of doing that.

On another note, I’m still in the editing process of my fantasy romance. This book is dear to my heart, so I want it to be just right. There are a few parts in the first few chapters that are a little happy, happy, joy, joy that don’t mesh extremely well with the later chapters which are darker. But I haven’t figured out how to fix it. The things that happen early on are kind of necessary to set up why the MC is there and what she is doing. Maybe it’s not as far off as I think it is, but I’m going to get one of my best critics to read it again and see what she thinks.

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