Here I am posting faithfully, if a day late. Wednesdays and Sundays are the worst possible days for me to do posts, so I often post the next day.

I actually got some words in Saturday. It had been a while since I had worked on the sequel to Soul of a Vampire (I seriously need a title!). In fact, looking at my spreadsheet, I realized I hadn’t touched it since August. Unbelievable. But I enjoyed jumping back into the story. I didn’t get a lot of words in, but it wasn’t too shabby.

I’m sporadic with exercise, but I’m doing better with it. Baby steps.

On a totally unrelated note, a friend, her son, and I went to a Barnes & Noble about 30 miles away to get an autograph from Dr. Ben Carson. He autographed the book, shook our hands, and posed for a picture with us. We were all fangirl. I have no idea what I said to him.

I’ve determined to try my best to post an update twice a week like I’m supposed to do. I’ve found I do SO much better when I’m sponsoring a round. Even if there’s not much to say, I can at least check in.

I haven’t started back to writing on my sequel to Soul of a Vampire yet. We’ve had a revival at church this week (through yesterday), and I just can’t write after it get past 8:00 or so. I have a morning brain, which still works okay if I write as soon as I get home from work. I’ve been using all my free time editing this week. Tonight, my mom, my mother-in-law, and I are going to see my new (3 1/2 week old) granddaughter, so tonight will also be a wash. I did my editing during lunch so I would have some of that done. Writing will resume tomorrow night. I’ll be able to edit AND write if I use my time wisely.

Oh, and I bought a new laptop to be used just for writing and editing. That way, that one can stay in my office, which will force me to actually WORK in my office My old laptop will stay in the living room and be used for recreation. The new one has a bigger screen, which will help with the seeing. :) I got a KILLER deal on it. $299! (And yet my credit card is groaning.)

Another goal of mine is daily exercise. So far, so good on this front.

How are y’all doing?

I’ve been so late on so many things lately. Ugh. So here are my goals.

1) Write on my sequel to Soul of a Vampire at least 15 minutes a day, five days a week. I want to do more than that, but I’ve been tied up with a lot of line editing for clients, and that’s more profitable right now than writing. But I NEED to write, too.

2) Publish a blog post at least once in addition to my ROW80 post. That’s three times a week total.

3) Exercise at least five days a week. (Not directly related to writing, but part of life and more related than you might think.)

I’m taking baby steps again, so I’m only listing these three for right now. I hope I can get my life in order (I HAVE to stop procrastinating!) so that I can set some more challenging goals at the beginning of 2016.

Johnny Winter

I just recently found out that Johnny Winter had passed away last year. I was saddened by this because Johnny was an awesome blues singer and guitarist. I had the privilege back in the early 90’s to hear him in concert. It was a very small, intimate setting, and I enjoyed it so much more than the huge rock concerts I’d attended in earlier days.

I imagine more people have heard of his brother Edgar Winter. He had a couple of big hits in the early seventies, “Frankenstein” and “Free Ride”. (Those are the two I remember most, but I’m sure there were more.) Edgar was more main stream, but I much prefer Johnny’s style.

For your listening pleasure, I’ve picked out a few of Johnny’s songs.

This first one is “Sound the Bell”. I picked it mostly because of his speed on the guitar in this song.


This next one is “Be Careful With a Fool”. Very bluesy.


And this one is a real treat for me. Two of my favorite blues singers/guitarists TOGETHER. Johnny Winter and Muddy Waters! I think that first song is called “Mannish Boy”, but I’m not 100% sure. The second one is “Got My Mojo Working”. The video quality is poor, but the music…pure bliss.

I’ve been neglectful in my ROW postings lately. I’ve been very busy at work getting ready for new software, which I know is going to be a nightmare. There’s been SO much data entry for things that couldn’t be imported from our old system. Hours and days of mind-numbing data entry.

Anyway, quick update. I typed “The End” on a novella written under my other pen name. Now comes the editing.

I’ve had a story for an anthology finished for a long time under that same pen name. Due to beta readers vehemently disagreeing with each other on major points in that story, I’ve let it percolate for awhile, hoping I can see it with new eyes. The first beta reader really tore it apart, which has never happened to me before. But then three other beta readers completely disagreed with the first one’s assessment. Then two of THOSE three beta readers disagreed on another point. Three beta readers loved my hero, one hated him. One beta reader had a problem with rich/poor class differences in the story, none of the others did. I’m at the point right now that I think I’m going to chuck most of what any of them said and do it my way. Not really. I always consider the advice of beta readers. I just won’t know until I look at it again, which I’m going to have to do soon because the deadline is coming up. I think this is the last anthology I’m going to do. It’s too much stress.

I’ve started writing more on the Soul of a Vampire sequel since I finished my other WIP.

And I have so many books to line edit for clients right now! This is a good thing.

Okay. Done now.

I couldn’t figure out whether to feature Donny Osmond or Johnny Winter today. Yes, my musical taste is as eclectic as my reading taste. So many genres, so little time, both in music and in books. Anyway, I digress. I was looking for a Donny Osmond song today because of a post a friend of mine wrote. I was so blown away by watching older Donny Osmond sing along with his younger self. It gave me chills. So I’m sharing it with you.


This is what I found on my bedroom wall this morning. Centipedes creep me out worse than spiders. This is the kind of thing that happens since I live practically in the woods. Being in the boonies has its advantages and disadvantages. *shudders*

I haven’t done any writing for several days. I had a line editing job I wanted to get done because I have several coming up, and I needed to make sure I got this one done in a timely manner. I have a little breather for a couple of weeks, so I can work on writing. I have a current editing job, but I can go a little slower on it because the deadline is a little ways out. That way I can work on both writing and editing. I don’t think I’ll make my monthly quota for July, but I’m going to be close.

I’ll be in Philadelphia on a business trip Tuesday through Friday, and I’ll probably get some work done in the hotel room. They usually have some kind of reception for two nights, and I always skip out of those early because I can only stand all the people for so long. LOL


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