I almost didn’t post since I really have nothing to report. I took some time off from my book like I said I was going to, but I took one more day than I’d planned. Yesterday, hubby had a skin cancer taken off his forehead, and they had to go deep, so he’s in a lot of pain. So I watched TV and a movie with him last night and made it all about him. I figured that was more important than writing at the time. Tonight is church night, so I’ll get back to it tomorrow and see if my motivation is back.

I’ve had a little “hiccup” in my writing. I’m feeling strangely detached from the book I’m working on. I’m trying to figure out why, so I’m taking 3-4 days off from writing, just relaxing, playing games, etc. Then Monday or Tuesday (I’ve already taken Friday-Sunday off) I’m going to reread everything I’ve written and see if I can renew my interest in this manuscript. If so, onward I go. If not, I’m going to switch to another book for awhile. We’ll see how it goes. Has this ever happened to any of you?

Wednesday, I got my second Stitch Fix box. The last time, I kept two items from the box. This time, I kept three! And I paid about the same because the jeans in the last box were almost $30 more than the ones in this box. I had told the stylist I preferred more feminine things, and she tried to accommodate me. Here are the items I kept.


This shirt is an odd color. Sometimes it looks purple, and sometimes it looks brown. In the note from my stylist, she said she picked the embroidered blouse because I had mentioned I wanted to see some lace in this box. It’s not exactly lace, but it works.

I almost didn’t keep this one because I felt like it made me look heavier than usual. But I loved it so much! The designer took a blouse that would look very plain and added a ruffle at the bottom. It also has a large keyhole opening in the back with a ribbon that ties it at the top. I’m wearing this today, and it’s OH so comfy.


These jeans were a little…immodest for my taste. I specified straight leg jeans on my style profile, but she keeps sending me skinny jeans. Hubby even thought they were a little too tight in the rear. I liked them well enough that I decided I would keep them and make sure I wore long shirts with them. (I’m sure the guys here at work wouldn’t mind the jeans, LOL.) Anyway, the color isn’t exactly true in this picture. They are sort of a light bluish, greenish, grayish color. A little unusual, which I liked.
There was a sweater I didn’t keep because I thought it cost too much, and I was already at my budget. There was also a dress that was WAY too short. WAY!
This is so much fun that I decided to go ahead and let them send me a box every other month. I told my husband that my December Fix could be my Christmas gift. I hope I’ll be a size down by then and can change my profile. :)

If anyone is interested in doing this, please let me know. If you follow my assigned link and decide to sign up, I get a $25 credit toward my next Fix when you buy something. NOTE: The sizes only go up to size 14 at present, although they are working to change that. Also, these aren’t Wal-Mart clothes, so they can be a little pricey. That’s why I can’t keep a whole box, so I hope I never like everything in the box. LOL.

I just checked in two days ago! Wait…I was a day late. :)

I’ve been making some progress. In the last three days, I’ve written for about an hour and a half, 1908 words. I didn’t write last night because I was SO upset with CreateSpace. When I got my proof, the cover of Fire Wizard was so dark and bland. Nothing like the colorful cover Anya had made for me. :( I just couldn’t focus. So I went to my friend’s Jamberry Nail Facebook party. Retail therapy is so effective. You know, that’s the first Facebook party I’ve ever attended that wasn’t an author’s party. It was the first party I’ve ever attended on my “real life” Facebook account. And I won something!

I did write about 30 minutes during lunch today. Wednesday isn’t usually a writing day, but since I was feeling sorry for myself last night, I thought I better make it up a little. LOL

Yes, I’m a day late. I unplug so much on weekends, especially Sunday, that I sometimes forget it’s check-in day.

My main goal is, basically, to write five hours a week (trying to get about 5,000 words done, figuring on 1000 words per hour.). I stated it as five days, one hour each day, but I allow myself to make that up as long as I get five hours in for the week. I ended up only working, I think, four days, for a total of about four hours. But I ended up with about 6000 words because I averaged a lot more than 1000 words per hour. So that means I’m still on track to finish this book during this round. I’m at least going to try! :)

See that little tab up at the top that says “Newsletter”? Click it. You know you want to. Seriously, I’m going to start sending out newsletters about new releases and other news, but I won’t be spamming anyone. You’ll get very few newsletters in a year if you sign up. BUT…if you do sign up, when I get 50 people on my list, I’ll do a drawing for a signed copy of Fire Wizard. /end of promo

My goal is to write for 1 hour, 5 days a week. This is 5 hours a week. I’m a little bit behind on that since I’ve only gotten in a little less than an hour and a half so far, but I can make that up on Saturday since I have most of the day to write. My cozy mystery is going pretty well. It’s my first attempt at this kind of story, so I hope I can do it justice. It’s harder to write than paranormal romance. I’m at the point where the murder is about to happen. Well, at the point where the body is found. That ought to be interesting.

I’m still stewing in my mind about the Sci-Fi romance. I need to start plotting that out before I forget stuff.

I complete forgot today was the beginning of Round 4! My, how time flies.

So here is what I hope to accomplish this round.

1. Write at least five days a week.
2. Write for at least an hour each time.
3. This is a big goal, but I would love to have my cozy mystery finished by the end of the round. It’s probably not going to happen, but 80 days is 11.43 weeks. Multiply that by 5000 words per week. I could write 57,150 words by the end of the round if I stuck to goals 1 and 2. And I already have a couple thousand words written. Plus, I usually write more than 1000 in an hour now, so there’s a little wiggle room. So it’s POSSIBLE.
4. Get my science fiction romance plotted out.

Goals 1 and 2 and can be measured each check in. But achieving goal 3 can’t happen until the end of the round. And goal 4, well, whenever it’s done.


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